In June 2012, I moved from Dallas to West Texas to work for the summer. After a month, I began to experience problems with my vision. It became blurry and in a matter of days, I could not even see the images on a 52-inch television screen or read the texts on my cell phone.

I was taken to an ophthalmologist who said my case was severe and suggested that I see an eye specialist. I did that and the specialist who diagnosed my eye condition told me that both my retinas had been detached. I had to get immediate care or I could become totally blind.

I then returned to Dallas and moved in with my mom. She spoke with the specialist who had diagnosed my condition to get more clarity. He stated that because I did not have health insurance, no doctors would want to see me. My mom told him that the Lord would open some doors.

She called several doctors and all of them wanted upfront cash. There was one clinic that was recommended to us but when she called them, she was told they did not deal with this type of condition. They also had a six-month waiting period.

After that, my mom committed the situation to the Lord and told Him there was nothing more she could do and asked Him to open some doors.

The next morning, we received a call from the clinic with the six-month waiting period, informing us that they had made room for the doctor to see me that week. This doctor ran several tests and sent me over to the hospital. From there, the Lord gave me favor and I was able to see the best physicians.

The tests showed that both my retinas had been detached and I was officially blind. They told me I may not ever get my vision back. One doctor stated he had seen this condition before in very elderly people but never in people of my age (I am thirty-five). They wrote on my report that not only were my retinas detached, but everything behind my eyes was also out of order. Nothing was where it was supposed to be and they had no explanation for how or why this had happened.

I got depressed because I could not drive and needed help to climb the stairs or step off a curb. It was better for my eyes if I sat in a dark room to avoid all the light but this made me even more depressed. It was a very challenging time and I experienced a lot of heaviness and oppression and felt like I was going to die.

I was prescribed several types of medication and some of them made me gain weight. They told me I may have to remain on medication for the rest of my life and that I should not drive and could not work until my vision improved. I knew then that I did not want that, not to mention the costs that the meds involved.

At this point, my mom told me that these doctors were not going to dictate my life. I also decided I did not want to be on those medicines any longer. Instead, I began taking some natural minerals my brother got for me. I went off the medication even though the doctors kept telling us, “Keep staying on the medications, they are working.” I never told them I had actually already been off the medications for several weeks.

Even though my retinas remained detached, we kept believing and thanking the Lord for my healing. We had been listening to Joseph Prince and I kept declaring, “As Jesus is, so am I in this world.” We also prayed whenever we visited the doctor, believing for a good report.

One morning, my mom proposed that we partake of the Holy Communion prior to heading for my medical appointment. She had been hearing Joseph Prince for some time now and learned more about the Holy Communion and what it means. We partook in faith and thanked the Lord for a good report that morning.

At the doctor’s clinic, the normal routine test was performed. After that, the doctor looked in my eyes and declared my retinas were no longer detached and that everything behind my eyes was back in place. She muttered “unbelievable” under her breath and said, “You never would have known this patient had retinal detachment.” She added that she had never seen such a quick recovery and called in two other doctors so that they could confirm and witness what she was seeing.

That entire ordeal lasted about ten months but that morning, I saw how grace healed me. My vision has been completely restored. I can now see the texts on my cell phone, the images on TV, and I am also working and driving. Glory to Jesus!
Aaron Enriquez | Texas, United States
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